Quality, Health Safety & Environmental Policy

The Company recognizes that success is based on having and maintaining a proven reputation for providing a good service to its customers. The Company aims to continuously improve its ship management service and by so doing enhancing its reputation and employment potential.

The General Manager and Senior Managers are committed to provide healthy and safe working conditions and to maintain a system for safe and pollution free ship operating practices, complying with mandatory regulations, industry standards and their requirements.

The General Manager and Senior Managers expect all employees to comply with safety and pollution prevention regulations and safe operating procedures at all times. They also expect the employees to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, the ship, its cargo and the environment.

The principal aim of the Company is to continually operate its ships within the framework of this QSHE policy with a target of:


Responsibility for the QSHE policies originates with the highest levels of Management of the Company. The commitment of the Company at all management levels to safety, quality, health and environmental protection procedures is maintained by its policy of providing all necessary resources including personnel for the full implementation, execution and monitoring of all aspects of its Ship Management activities.

The Company’s principle objective is to eliminate accidents, injuries and illness to its employees and others who may be involved in the safe operation of its managed ships and to prevent pollution of the marine environment and loss of proper, by ensuring that safe working practices and procedures are followed on board through training, verification, review and evaluation. To achieve this objective the Company’s Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Management System contains procedures and operating instructions which are provided for the purposes of operating each vessel in accordance with the stated aims of the Company policy.


The Safety, Quality, Health and Environmental management system of the Company is operating such that the Company:

  • Has established safeguards against identified risks, unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions and practices.
  • Employs personnel ashore and on board that have the required training, skill and experience.
  • Promotes organized control of safety and health by constructive safety meetings between employees.
  • Modifies the Company’s policy, procedures and management system through Master and Management reviews.
  • Has in place contingency procedures to respond to emergency situations.
  • Carries out self-audit and inspection, and takes appropriate corrective actions to any identified non-conformance as evidence of continuous improvement.
  • Maintains the ships hull, machinery, outfitting and equipment at regular pre-determined intervals in order to maintain the ship in safe operating condition.
  • Requires all Contractors that it employs in its ship operations to follow the company Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Standards.