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TMS Cardiff Gas is a corporation with offices in Greece that was formed in 2011 and currently manages Cardiff's LNG fleet. TMS Cardiff Gas has a DNA stemming from more than 30 years of traditional ship-management services coupled with engineering and offshore project management expertise and a highly experienced team of LNG and LPG professionals.

With a modern high specification fleet and a perfect operating record, our goal is to be the LNG and LPG transportation provider of choice for all of our customers' cargo needs. Whether your requirements are for spot cargoes, medium and long term transportation, or storage projects, we offer first class service for the long term, coupled with a commercial mindset always putting reliability and safety as our top priority.

Fleet in action
LNG Carriers
Vessel Built Cubic Capacity
Total NB (2020) 174,000
Major 1 NB (2020) 174,000
Major 2 NB (2020) 174,000
Major 3 NB (2021) 174,000
Major 4 NB (2020) 174,000
Shell 1 NB (2020) 174,000
Shell 2 NB (2021) 174,000
Shell 3 NB (2021) 174,000
Shell 4 NB (2021) 174,000
Vitol NB (2020) 174,000
Total NB (2020) 174,000
Yari LNG 2014 159,983
Palu LNG 2014 160,004
Kita LNG 2014 160,118
Corcovado LNG 2014 160,106
Fuji LNG 2004 147,895

109, Kifisias Avenue & Sina Street
Marousi, 151 24
Athens, Greece

Phone +30-210-8090350
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